Lumiant v1.15.0 has been released into production


Your Wealth

  • Investments - data from InvestmentLink has been mapped
  • Portfolios that have been linked to clients will be available on Your Wealth page
  • We will look to link existing clients to their portfolios where possible to reduce the manual overhead

Repeatable Surveys

  • Life, Values and Investment Preferences surveys can be retaken by clients
  • History of scores is shown on the client's Your Life page

Your Values

  • The introductory video can now be customised per practice

Bug Fixes / Enhancements

  • Additional internationalisation and timezone support
  • Introduced a fix to no longer require clients to "refresh" (or shift-f5) after a release to ensure that they're accessing the latest version
  • Added an operational control (reconciliation) as part of the deploy workflow to ensure that everything has been updated as expected 



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