As a client you can update, reprioritize and edit your Goals at any time through the digital Lumiant Dashboard. 

To access Your Goals simply, Log-in to your digital Dashboard at using your email address and password you created as your log-in details. 


Click on Goals and this will take you to Your Goals. 




Now that you are in Your Goals, you can add a new goal by clicking '+Add goal'.



By adding a new goal you will be taken through the Goals wizard to create a SMART goal.




By editing the goal you can update the:

  • Goal title 
  • Status 
  • Assignee
  • Goal importance
  • Values
  • Goal confidence 

Plus additional items to help you achieve your goals. 

  • You can also reprioritize the goals that are most important to you by clicking and dragging the goal and placing it in order of priority. 
  • Goals are tracked as either Goals to Complete; Must have, Nice to have, Dream come true or Completed Goals . Within the Goals to Complete, they can be in the status of To Do, Doing or Done.
  • Your Goals is designed to keep you on track to achieving what's most important to you as identified by yourself and your Financial Adviser.








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