πŸŒŽ Your Life v2.0
  • Second major revision of Your Life survey
  • Brings forward the goals conversation in order to identify the client's key objectives
  • Simplifies the wellbeing dimension questionnaire - one rather than four pages per dimension
  • Includes a summary column, inline with what was built for Your Goals, with the ability to jump between completed sections
  • Upon completion, the submitted survey is preserved as a snapshot in time allowing the survey to be repeated as needed


✨ Best Life
  • Teaser added to the Lifebook to state that the first release is due out this quarter
  • Foundational base build and high level architecture designed for the underlying engine
πŸ› Bug Fixes / Small Enhancements
  • Numerous bug fixes and small enhancements (e.g. Values cards use the gradient image across all the pages in Your Values)
  • Version of the Terms & Conditions that were agreed to are saved when onboarding a new practice



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