Previously you would have primed your clients to receive and respond to the Investment Preferences survey.

Next, the adviser reviews the responses in the Dashboard and helps the clients clarify and where appropriate align on their preferences. Working with the clients to set a risk profile. There is a notes facility available for the associate adviser to capture discussions that occur in context as a file note.

This can all be done as a meeting in person, on the phone or over video.

The questions (check them out here) were designed to capture their preferences after being educated in investment concepts. They are not designed to produce a scored outcome, as scores may be unfairly skewed and do not always translate to a tolerable asset or risk allocation. Rather the Investment Preferences module is designed to educate the client and guide them along the decision making process, and for the client and adviser to work collaboratively to obtain an in-depth understanding of their needs. With this the client and Adviser will work together to confirm their risk group.

  • Conservative  - 20% Growth
  • Moderately Conservative - 40% Growth
  • Balanced - 60% Growth
  • Moderately Aggressive - 75% Growth
  • Aggressive - 90% Growth





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