The YourTasks module allows you to assign tasks to individuals in order to drive the completion of Goals, and increase the progress of a Household's Values.



You can add tasks and change them to the below statuses:

  • To Do - A task or action they need to do 
  • Doing - A task or action they have started but not yet completed
  • Done - A task they have done.

Below is a screenshot of what the Tasks module looks like. All tasks that are in the "Done" column will always be visible for the purpose of showing the progress that has occurred throughout the clients journey. 




After clicking on "Add Task" the pop up below shows up where you can input the information about the task. If you assign a task as To DoDoing or change the status of an existing task the client will receive an email notifying them. From there they can log in to their Dashboard to review and action. 

Notifications : 



There will also be notifications on the top right corner of the toolbar. You can see what updates have been made by the users or see unread notifications. For example, when a client updates a task you will get notified via our notifications function where you can see all updates made by users in your platform. 


Please find the video here for more assistance. 





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