The Your Goals module is where you can use SMART goals to capture actionable objectives and align them to clients' values.



Goal setting using Your Goals is where we move from broad, long-term interests, to something very achievable for clients to act on. This is the opportunity for advisers to demonstrate how they help their clients move ideas into actions and show how clients can achieve their best lives. It takes the process from a theoretical discussion and grounds it in reality. 



E.g. if a client chooses to customize their goals for ex. values ‘Master new skills or knowledge’, then they may create a goal to learn an instrument. This would require setting aside a certain amount of time and money, and could include a timeframe of one year to perform to friends and family. 

Or, the goal may be to achieve a PhD, which would take more upfront investment, but could ultimately lead to a salary increase. All of these factors should be defined and considered during this module. 

To develop these goals, advisers will follow the SMART goals framework, ensuring each goal is: 

  • Specific
  • Measurable 
  • Attainable 
  • Relevant 
  • Time-bound

The Your Goals wizard helps you and your clients categorize and track current goals, and keep a record of what has been completed. Once the goal category is selected all the minimum requirements for the goal are captured on the 1st tab. If you want to add a time frame and financial details for modelling purposes you can do so via the additional tab.

The Notes and the Admin Notes tab below allow the Advisor to separate their notes based on what they want to be seen vs. not seen by their clients. 


Goals are tracked as either To Do, Doing or Done. Each goal displays what value it is linked too. All goals that are in the "Done" column will always be visible for the purpose of showing the progress that has occurred throughout the clients journey. 



You can also work with your clients to prioritize them as either Needs, Wants, Wishes, allowing you to focus resources on particular Goals.


In addition, Clients can add Goals via their digital Dashboard once registered to the platform. You will be able to review these and include them in any financial plan. Non-financial goals can also be recorded for the clients' own tracking, engaging them with the Dashboard and giving them a place to store all their Goals in one place.

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