The Your Life module is a survey tool that you can send and use with your clients to lay the groundwork for the Values conversation whilst collecting an understanding of the importance of the 8 Dimensions of Wellbeing to the individual client and insight into that point in time as to how the clients believe they are track to living their best life.

Watch a short introduction to Your Life:

To use the survey, send it to your clients from your workbench in Lumiant.

  • You can send the survey as an email direct from the platform
  • You can copy the client's unique link to send in your own customised email
  • Or you can customise a survey link using Your Originations

Once the client completes the survey they will see a summary of their results presented to them including:

  • Your Life Score 
  • Top 2 areas of success 
  • Top 2 Areas to improve 


As an adviser you will see the results under the Your Life section in the client's Dashboard


With their full input displayed in the household matrix:


You can use the results as a starting point in understanding how they are currently feeling and what dimensions of wellbeing are important to them. The Your Life survey will help celebrate success by highlighting the client’s top 2 areas. The survey results will also show what top 2 areas the client could improve with supporting suggested talking points to help facilitate the Values and Goals conversations. The matrix will show you where they sit as individuals and where they may differ within a household.




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