At the core of delivering excellent financial advice is the ability to understand and respond to the true client needs, by taking a holistic approach to mapping their life goals. This goes beyond what they want to do with their money, and into what they want to do with their lives.

Watch an introduction to Your Values: 

Your Values is an engaging values-based advice tool to facilitate a structured session for Financial Advisers to understand what is truly important to clients in a measurable, meaningful, repeatable, and sustainable way. What is learned can then be used to direct resources where most appropriate to allow clients to live their best life.

We collaborated with top human-centred design consultants to develop our innovative system. These experts meticulously tested designs with Financial Advisers and genuine clients.

In the Your Values module, both partners navigate the Lumiant Values cards. These digital cards encompass 16 core values derived from the Eight Dimensions of Wellbeing.

By mapping out their Values, advisers can understand what really matters to clients by engaging them in an enlightening values-based conversation.

From the very first interaction, advisers show they’ll meet with you and take time to understand what really matters to you and your partner. Clients feel that their true hopes and aspirations are understood and that they can trust the person helping them to achieve their goals. 





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