We have made it even easier for advisers to capture client goals anywhere on the platform through the Quick goal functionality. This enables advisers to add goals fast without having to interrupt the conversation with clients.

How to add a Quick Goal in Lumiant

Click '+Goal' at any stage when using Lumiant, and this will allow you to capture a goal at any client interaction, regardless of what page you are on. 

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How to add a Quick Goal during a values session

Client goals will inadvertently arise during the Values session. The "Quick goal" function allows advisers to capture the clients goals swiftly with minimal details with the only requirements being:

  • Goal category 
  • Goal Title 
  • Goal importance

Capturing Quick goals during the Values sessions allows the adviser to not miss vital details during the conversation by capturing and saving the details to be explored further once the Values session has been completed. 

Following the Values sessions, the goals can be reviewed and completed by the adviser or client through the Your Goals module. 





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