We want to help you see your progress towards you living Your Best Life!

To do that we look at where you are now (Your Life Score), what's important to you and how you feel you are progressing in those areas (Your Values) and look at the things you want to achieve over the short, medium and long term (Your Goals).

For your own Wellbeing score, we look at your individual and joint goals that will move you forward. For the Household Wellbeing Score it is driven by the average of the Household Life Scores and the progress of joint goals.

Every bit of the information you or your adviser puts in to these areas of your Dashboard contributes to calculating your score, and keeping it up to date will show you how your score changes over time.

Completing goals will move you forward, and help you increase your progress against your values, these things will impact your Wellbeing score allowing you to look back and see what you're doing to get you to where you want to be and keep you on the right path to living your Best Life! šŸ™Œ




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