Lumiant does not centre around the Statement of Advice, but around uncovering a person's relationship with money, their values, their goals — what living their “best life” means to them.

We record the client's goals in the Your Goals module.

This is where we move from broad, long-term interests, to something very achievable for clients to act on. This is the opportunity for advisers to demonstrate how they help their clients move ideas into actions, and show how clients can really achieve their best life. It takes the process from a theoretical discussion and grounds it in reality.

To develop these goals, advisers will follow the SMART goals framework, ensuring each goal is: 

  • Specific
  • Measurable 
  • Attainable 
  • Relevant 
  • Time-bound 

In the Workbench, navigate to the client's view tab.


Click Add Goals


This will bring you to the first page of the goal wizard. Here you will need to click and select a Goal Category for the goal you are adding.



There are several goal categories to choose from:

Reduce my Debts, Purchase a home or investment property, Grow my wealth, Change in family situation, Grow my family, Provide the best education, Save for a large purchase, Retire comfortable, Set aside an inheritance, Protect my finances, Let me live my best life, Customise your Goal.

From there the Goals module will guide you to capture the SMART goals for your client.

The details are:

  • Goal Category
  • Goal Name
  • Assign to - Client A, Client B or Joint
  • Goal Importance
  • Goal Success Measure
  • Which Life scores or Values cards this goal supports
  • In the Additional Tab: Goal Confidence & Completing this goal will leave me with
  • Notes and Admin Notes



Once saved you will see the Goal listed in the Goals Module.

You can track the status of it as either To Do, Doing or Done. All done tasks can be viewed in under the completed goals heading.

Completing Your Goals details will be important when using Your Best Life. By editing the details you will be able to set the:
  • Completion date 
  • Financial outcome ( is this a non-financial goal, will the client have more or less money)
  • How much the goal will increase/decrease their money by 
  • If it is a recurring goal 
  • The goal importance
Top tip: Get your client to add images of their goal. It'll look great on the Best Life page later on!







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