How to White label your Lumiant platform

Your Lumiant site can be white labelled with your company's branding.

This includes: 

  • Branding colours applied to the platform
  • Brand logos inserted into the  platform as well as your sign in page
  • Branded Lumiant marketing video

This is available through purchasing the White Labelling add on ($500 plus applicable taxes).

Should you wish to have your site white labelled, please raise a Support request to express your interest and our team will be in contact. 



Once you have received and paid your one-off Lumiant white label invoice your White labelling will be turned on in the platform for your Practice Manager. The Practice Manager will be able to access the white labelling settings and update the brand colours by following the instructions below:

Log into the Lumiant platform 

1. Access the settings by clicking on the cog in the top right

2. Click  'White labelling'

3. Insert your hex colours codes and click 'Save changes'

4. If you encounter any issues please contact our Support team



When changing colours to your site, it's important to make sure that the contrast of colours is accessible to all people. For further help with this click the "WebAIM" link in the platform as seen below. 


Your Brand Colours 

If you need to find your hex code please speak to your marketing or operations department. Alternatively, you can use this online hex colour picker to find the colours used in your branding, by uploading any marketing images that you have on hand with your colours.

NOTE: To ensure there are no conflicts in colour, your chosen primary/secondary colour cannot be white.


Screenshot 2024-01-24 at 3.40.25 pm.png

How to Insert Your Brand Logos

The management of uploading your Logos into the Lumaint platform is managed by our team. Our Support team will upload your logos into the platform as well as produce your Lumiant branded marketing video.

Please provide us with your logos by sending these to 

  • Requirements:

    • Your logo in a scalable image format (SVG + PNG are required) on a transparent or white background.
  •  This will be applied to:
    1. Upper right icon on the header/banner (SVG File)

    2. Practice login page (SVG File)

    3. Lumiant Marketing Video (PNG file)

NOTE: To ensure there is no delay in processing, please provide the requirements in the details and formats noted. 

If you need any assistance with this please contact our Support team by raising a Support request.

Lumiant Branded Marketing video 

As part of white labelling, you will be provided with a practice-branded Lumiant marketing video.

The video can be used to add to your website, shared in social posts or with your clients to highlight a little more about how you can help your clients. 

We can also include this video in the Your Life survey plus the Your Values module. Please confirm this when you send through your branding and we will take care of this for you.






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