To aid you to onboard your existing client onto Lumiant we are able to bulk upload your client book, and if desired also:

  • Mass send out a link to the Lumiant introduction video
  • Mass send out the Your Life survey to your client to complete


To bulk upload your client book

1. Download the attached Lumiant bulk upload file at the bottom of this article  

2. Fill your client data into the format required

3. The details required include:

  • Title (optional, but must be one of the below)
      • Mr
      • Mrs
      • Miss
      • Ms 
      • Dr
  • First name*
  • Middle name (optional) 
  • Last name* 
  • DOB - DD/MM/YYYY (optional)
  • Email address*
  • Mobile Number (optional) 

4. Once the data has been filled into the Lumiant Bulk Upload file, provide this to us to have the client households added to your workbench. To provide the file to Lumiant via a support request. 

Note*Please ensure that your advisers are added to the platform before sending us the file.

Access the Support Centre by clicking here or by accessing the web page

  • Click ‘Submit a request
  • Click on the drop-down chevron and select ‘New support request’
  • Add Your email address
  • Add the subject for your support request
  • Add the description for your request. See below for additional instructions should you require a bulk send of the Lumiant introduction video or the Your Life survey to your clients
  • Add your contact number
  • Attach the Lumiant bulk upload file to the attachment area 
  • Click ‘Submit’

We will send your request to our Lumiant team. You will be contacted on the completion of your request which may take 5 business days to action. 

To help you engage with your clients, you can then directly send the Your Life survey by following further instructions Click here 


To bulk send the Lumiant video or the Your Life survey:

Lumiant can also complete a bulk email send of the Lumiant Introduction Video or Your Life survey to your client book. This will save you time and allow you to engage with your clients with a great marketing tool. 

1. In the description field of the support request, include further information regarding the bulk contact to clients e.g send Your Life survey to the client file attached or Send Lumiant video by email to the client file attached. 

2. Attach the email template you would like to accompany the Lumiant Teaser to the ‘Attachments’ field. 

3. If you are requesting the Your Life survey to be sent out in bulk,  Your client will then receive this email here

4. This request will take an additional 5 business working days to complete on top of the initial bulk upload  request

5. If you wish to have the Your Life survey bulk email sent on a particular day/time, please include this in the description field taking into account the 5 business days processing time for the Lumiant team to action

6. Our Lumiant team will confirm the date before processing

7. Click ‘Submit”


We will send your request to our Lumiant team. You will be contacted on the completion of your request or to confirm before processing. 




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