Before attending the discovery session with their adviser, clients should have completed the Your Life survey. 

During the beginning of the Discovery meeting, advisers should acknowledge the reasons the client reached out, confirming that they will assist with those issues and position again the importance of getting a deeper understanding of the client. Start by thanking the client for completing the Your Life survey, and referring to the screen where each partner’s scores are displayed. The aim here is to touch very lightly on the results of the survey, using it as a segue between the initial fast-brain responses they completed before the meeting and the deeper values conversation you’re about to start.

Asking some high level questions about the client’s financial and non- financial dimensions of wellbeing will aid in identifying the non-CFO and CFO spouse, household dynamics and a better understanding of personal values and what life outcomes a client would deem a success.

You can use the results as a starting point in understanding how they are currently feeling and what dimensions of wellbeing are important to them. The Your Life survey will help celebrate success by highlighting the client’s top 2 areas. The survey results will also show what top 2 areas the client could improve with supporting suggested talking points to help facilitate the Values and Goals conversations. The matrix will show you where they sit as individuals and where they may differ within a household.

The Your Life scores in a particular area are not decisive on their own, as these scores should be looked at holistically in terms of the other aspects of the client’s lives. The relationship between partners will also have a large role to play. Lower or misaligned priorities will be less surprising in a new relationship, however, if a couple who have been together for many years are misaligned, then that should be interrogated further. 

However, this is just at a single point in time. Remind clients that they will return to do more Your Life surveys at regular intervals, and at important moments, to track their progress and how they feel about it.

Protocol: Reviewing Client Your Life Results

Before attending the discovery session with their adviser, clients should have completed the Your Life survey.

Associate Adviser: Navigate to the Your Life tab in the client's Dashboard

Associate Adviser: Press View Results in the Workbench, this will open up the client’s view tab 

Adviser: Acknowledge and thank the clients for completing the survey. 

Ask the clients:

  • How did you find the experience of completing the Your Life questions? (alternatives - Did you find it useful, How did you feel).


  • Celebrate the client's top 2 fulfilled areas; use the top 2 areas highlighted in the platform to celebrate success with your client. Use the text to read to the client and ask "does this relate?" or "tell me more?"
  • Discuss the top 2 areas to improve; use the top areas to improve highlighted to hold a discussion with the client. Should you need to delve deeper into the areas to improve, you may consider accessing the answer matrix. This will allow you to explore any differences between each spouse.
  • As you uncover more about the client's responses and validate their score, reference the Values conversation and the discussion that is about to take place e.g "is this right? Great, we'll unpack this further in the values section of our meeting".

Note: Resist the urge to focus too closely on the clients’ underlying scores, or the high-level financial details you collected in the survey at this point. Delving into numbers and financial products here can derail the emotional conversation you’re about to have, and lose your opportunity to get a deep connection with your client quickly.

The adviser summarises the conversation

“So what I’m hearing is…"

Associate documents the summary in the text field on screen. 

Explain that part of what you'll do today is go a little deeper into what sits behind their Life scores, and help them both get more alignment. Reassure that in the work that you’ll do together with them over time, you will discuss these results in further detail and put a plan in place to improve them.

Mention that this is a great record of where you’re all starting this journey together, and you will return again and again as time goes by and their priorities evolve. 

Associate Adviser: Navigate back to the Adviser View tab and launch the Your Values session.

For more information watch how to prep for the "Your Life" discussion. 

For further guidance watch the Webinar: Introducing Lumiant to Clients.

In this session you will learn:
- A script to help you position Lumiant with your clients
- What is Your Life and what it was designed for?
- How to best use Your Life with clients
- Understanding and using the results in client meetings
- How you can use Your Life as a lead magnet to capture new leads



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