To Remove/Deactivate or Merge a client household from your Dashboard:

  1. You will need to raise a support request from the Lumiant Support Centre
  2. You can access the the Lumiant Support centre via
  3. Click Submit a request Support_centre.png
  4. Under Submit a request Click on the drop down box 
  5. Click on ‘Make a change to my client’Client_request.png
  6. Add Your email address
  7. In the subject line enter in your subject details
  8. Move to ‘For my client I need to…’
  9. Click on the drop down and select the Client action for your requestMy_client_needs_to.png
  10. Add in the description of the request
  11. Your best contact number 
  12. Any option attachments Description.png


  1. Click submit Submit.png

Your request will be provided to our Lumiant team. You will be contacted on the completion of your request. 






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