Welcome to Lumiant, where support is just a click away! If you find yourself in need of assistance, worry not! We've streamlined the process for you to access the help you need.

1. Utilize Lumiant’s Built-in Support:

Within the Lumiant platform, the Lumiant Life ring serves as your gateway to a wealth of resources, guides, and direct support from our team. Explore everything through our video guide below, or keep reading for a quick overview.

To request support here, click on "Ask for Help." Share as much detail as possible about your issue, use the camera function for screenshots if necessary, and hit "Submit." Rest assured, our Support team aims to respond within 12-36 hours.

Top tip: Look out for hints across the platform offering a quick summary of each module or page, helping you maximize your Lumiant experience. Keep an ‘i’ out!


2. Dive into our Support Centre:

For more comprehensive assistance, explore our Support Centre. Discover a treasure trove of articles, webinars, and podcasts designed to help you solve queries at your own pace. Access it directly through 'further support' or here: Support Centre here.

Top tip: Bookmark this page as a favourite for easy access whenever needed.

3. Direct Support Request through the Lumiant Support Centre:

Prefer a direct approach? Visit our Lumiant Support Centre here, click on "Submit a Request," navigate to "New Support Request," add your details, attach relevant information, and hit "Submit." Our Lumiant team will promptly handle your request, ensuring you're updated throughout the process.


4. Reach Out via Email:

If forms aren’t your preference, no worries! You can email us at; our team will be ready to assist.


We're committed to ensuring your Lumiant experience is seamless and successful. Whether it's a technical glitch, a question about functionality, or you just need guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out.


So, take the plunge, inquire, and let us make your Lumiant journey smoother.





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